The latest MachiaVillain update has arrived!

There’s a new update for MachiaVillain from Good Shepherd Entertainment and Wild Factor. We’ve got a summary of the update, the update video and more info about the game for you.

Never played MachiaVillain?

Firstly, let’s start with what the game is about.
MachiaVillain is inspired by the horror cinema and games like Dungeon Keeper. MachiaVillain lets you build the horror mansion of your dreams. Create a team of monsters, set traps and lure your neighbours inside “for your minions to feast upon”. Use leftover body parts and other things to craft new items and “keep the manor safe from supernatural creatures and wily monster hunters”.

About the Electrocution Update

MachiaVillain’s newest update adds electric fields to your home that can be used to power the newest set of tools and abilities. Set up alarms and jam mobile phones to keep victims from calling for help. You can wield the Finger of Evil to zap enemies or give a boost to your minions.

Here are the main update additions/changes:

  • Select difficulty
  • Custom maps
  • Wood generators
  • Treadmill generators
  • Mobile phone jammer
  • Alarms
  • Present sensors
  • “Evil Finger”
  • Zap victims, heroes, minions to make them go faster

Also, here’s a video about the update with gameplay footage showing the above update features:

Screenshots of the Electrocution Update

Where can I buy the game?

You can check out MachiaVillain on Steam here: Not to mention, the game is on sale until the 4th of February (50% off). So, if this game interests you, you’ve got a few days to take advantage of the sale.

More info

Want to learn more about MachiaVillain? Head to their website here:
You can also check them out on Twitter: @GoodShepherdEnt and @WildFactorGames.