Mindfreak Esports acquired by Logitech G ANZ from Astro Acquisition

Earlier this year, Logitech G announced the acquisition of Astro Gaming; a leading console brand with a history of award-winning headsets for professional gamers and gaming enthusiasts. Together, Logitech G and Astro are the market leaders for headsets, mice, keyboards and streaming webcam for PC and console gamers. This major acquisition brought with it partnerships and alignments from Astro including the sponsorship of Mindfreak Esports Organisation to Logitech G ANZ.

“We are really excited to see esports, gaming and streaming grow rapidly in ANZ. With major acquisitions like Astro, we can branch out and explore more styles of gaming, gaming genres and gameplay. Welcoming Mindfreak as apart of the Logitech G ANZ team, allows us to explore how we can excite fans and how we can help develop esports in ANZ”.

said Logitech G and Astro Gaming ANZ Category Manager Daniel Hall

Mindfreak Heroes of the Storm Team
Mindfreak Heroes of the Storm Team – [Left – Right] Reagan, John, Vanilla, Albert, Fat94, Ryoo, Jenna and Madhax
Mindfreak announced today that they are seeing major growth within their organisation by expanding further into the PC genre with the launch and acquisition of their first Overwatch team, previously competing under the name ‘Sandbaggers’.

“With the success Overwatch has had internationally with the Overwatch League, the hype around the game continues to grow. Overwatch is no longer the new kid on the block in esports; and has established a solid foundation and fanbase; on which it will only continue to build and grow.

As an organisation, Mindfreak has grown from strength to strength; and with every new team we welcome to the family, we continue to support this. With our acquisition of the ‘Sandbaggers’ into the Overwatch roster; we welcome a team that fought their way out of the Open Division, through Trials and into the Contenders.”

 said The Owner and CEO of Mindfreak Esports Albert Nassif

Mindfreak is looking at the future of esports in Australia; and expecting growth throughout a variety of genres including PC gaming. By providing the best training, resources and gear to their new Overwatch team; Mindfreak hopes they will not only compete with the best in the country, but also the best in the world.