Magic: the Gathering Ixalan Treasure Chests Are Here!

Yarrr AGAIN me hearties, if ye sail on down to yerr friendly local game store, ye can score a special treasure (FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY) the likes of which shall never be found again. So set sail for Ixalan and crack out yerr treasure map.

Wizards of the coast have put out a NEW Buy-a-Box IXALAN TREASURE CHEST promo pack only while stock lasts and only when you buy a booster box of the newest set, IXALAN!
Each Buy-a-Box Treasure Chest booster is unique and contains the following:

  • 1 Flip Land Buy-a-Box Alternate art FOIL promo (ALT ART is on the land side!)

  • 4 Rare or Mythic Rare cards from current standard sets
  • 2 Premium Foil cards from current standard sets (Mythic Rare, Rare, Uncommon and/or Common)
  • 2 Rebecca Guay PREMIUM foil promo lands!

Sadly, I have the luck of a seadog and didn’t get any Planeswalkers but I did get a General Beckett Brass and a foil Kari Zev! PIRATE LADIES REPRESENT!!

IS IT WORTH IT? Well, yes. if not JUST for the foil premium Rebecca Guay lands, this is FREE (while stocks last) with your box purchase and has a chance at netting you a SWEET flip land like Search for Azcanta!. So go buy one and draft with friends!
SO sail ye into yerr local and grab a box of Ixalan, WHILE STOCKS LAST! YARRRRR!
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