Free cheeseburgers, fries & drinks for LPL fans thanks to Carl’s Jr?

LPL, New Zealand’s leading e-sports media company, announces a new partnership with Carl’s Jr. NZ which will see its fans being rewarded with free burgers and fries based on competing teams’ scores.

The quick-service restaurant is the first ever to sponsor a televised e-sports event in New Zealand.

Carl’s Jr. will present LPL’s CS:GO ANZ Invitational. CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive), is a multiplayer FPS video game that has taken the e-sports scene by storm and is now arriving on New Zealand shores.
Through the partnership, LPL will offer fans three exclusive deals which are dependent on game-play results from the tournament matches.
In the top tier, a “Flawless Victory” will grant fans a ‘Free Cheeseburger’ if a team in the invitational match wins a match 16-0. As part of the second tier, an “Ace”will grant fans a ‘Free Small Fries & Drink’ if a player takes down five players in one round. And the “Knife Expert” will grant fans a ‘Free Small Fries’ if a player takes out another player with a knife during a round.

“Esports is a global phenomenon that continues to grow in popularity, with a community that can rival those at any major sporting event.  We are excited to be part of this action and add this new experience for esports fans.”

says Geraldine Oldham, General Manager of Sales & Marketing at Restaurant Brands, parent company of Carl’s Jr. New Zealand.

The unlocked deals from Carl’s Jr. will be shown on-screen during broadcasts on and SKY Sport every Thursday.
The deals, once activated, will be available after the Thursday night show and valid until end of day Friday; at all Carl’s Jr. restaurants in New Zealand. To redeem, customers can mention the activated CS:GO deal when ordering at the counter or drive-through.
Beginning Thursday 4th October at 8pm NZT; five of the best ANZ e-sports organisations will be battling for a prize pool of $10,000; Legacy, Tainted Minds, Chiefs, reigning champions Greyhound Gaming; and New Zealand’s very own Breakaway E-sports established this year. The 6th spot was qualified by Perth based team Ground Zero; who will round out the team list for the tournament.

To learn more about the CS:GO Invitational and to view broadcast dates, times & channel information, visit: