Fortnite llamas are popping up all over Europe!

Just like the Durr Burger did from Greasy Grove, 5 Fortnite Llama’s have popped up all over Europe.

Currently, there are 5 llama’s that have appeared over the last few days,

This llama was taken by Reddit user eversoris86 in London by a red telephone box. Theories from Reddit are have been running wild and many are speculating that more iconic objects will teleport around the world, maybe we might see one in Australia?
Other people are suspecting this will turn into a gigantic worldwide ARG, where we will be finding different codes and telephone numbers, like the one handed out at the Durr Burger site. Could we also see a prize for everyone at the end of this?
We will also have to see how much this relates to the upcoming Season and its leaks and theories.