This is what happens when you combine Minecraft and ARK: PixARK

Snail Games has just launched a new game called PixARK. It takes elements from popular games Minecraft and ARK: Survival Evolved.
Of course, you’ve always wanted to play ARK in an open sandbox voxel-based world, right? Well, you can definitely do that now. And, by the looks of the trailer, you can get in on a whole lot of crafting and dinosaur-riding action with this new game.
Here is the list of features that the game will have according to the info we got:

  • Single player and online multiplayer
  • The ability to collect and craft items and build bases
  • Over 100 dinosaurs and other creatures to tame, train and ride
  • Character progression and customisation
  • Procedurally generated worlds, with no two worlds ever being the same
  • Creative Mode which allows players to construct whatever they can imagine
  • More than eight unique biomes to explore, including deserts, jungles, caves and more
  • Procedurally generated quest system to keep players actively engaged in their worlds

With PixARK, we’ve taken the action and excitement that older players know and love in ARK to a new direction in order to introduce that world to an entirely different audience.
-Peter Kang, Director of Live Ops & Business Development at Snail Games



The game will be released on the following platforms in late 2018:

  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4
  • Nintendo Switch

PixARK will also be available for early access as soon as March 2018 so keep your eyes peeled!

Watch the PixARK trailer