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Dragon Ball Super: Broly VIP Premiere – My recap of the event & movie

Last Saturday I was invited to see the premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Well, the movie is officially out in cinemas today so here is my recap of the premiere. I also do a brief review of the movie down below ⤵

My childhood

I’m pretty sure Dragon Ball was my first anime. If it wasn’t my first ever, it was definitely the first anime that I was obsessed with. It was aired in the Philippines in with English dub and I recall very keenly watching it every Sunday (I think it was Sunday).

Once I moved to Australia, obviously, I watched Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT on Cheez TV.

So, I can at least say I’ve watched a majority of the Dragon Ball anime shows (Sorry, Super. I haven’t gotten to you yet). I don’t think you’d appreciate the movie if you weren’t already into Dragon Ball, to begin with.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly - VIP Premiere

Good vibes at the premiere

There was actually quite a few more people at the premiere than I expected. I’d say Cinema 1 at George Street Event Cinema was packed to about 80% capacity.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly - VIP Premiere
They even had some Dragon Ball games around for people to play while they waited for the premiere to start 😍

It was great being surrounded by Dragon Ball nerds. Shout out to the gentleman who did the 1-minute long KAMEHAMEHA shout before the movie started. You have a mighty roar.

Quite a lot of people were dressed up in fan gear, fan shirts, and so on. Unfortunately, I haven’t owned any fan gear since I was little. (Did I mention Goku was one of my first Halloween costumes as a 4-year-old?)

Dragon Ball Super: Broly - VIP Premiere
Some media and press doing fun stuff in front of the photo wall.

It was also a no-brainer to have Jade and Ryan of Cheez TV fame there to host the movie. Good to see those two gents at the premiere given their history with Dragon Ball Z and GT way back when.

How was the movie?

The runtime is about 100 minutes. It’s a good length if you’re already regularly consuming anime. In fact, if you were regularly consuming anime on AnimeLab, you would’ve seen ads for this movie since December like me.

As expected, the movie is structured similarly to a short form Dragon Ball episode. First, you start with the initial setup or premise. In this case, we get a bit of origin story on Vegeta, Goku and Broly. Second, we move to the present day and the lead into the action. At this point, you’ll see a couple of characters you might not recognise if you’re not up to date like me. In which case, don’t worry, you’ll be fine mate. Third, just BATTLE BATTLE BATTLE BOOM KAPOW BATTLE KAMEHAMEHA. Fourth, happy ending 😛

If you enjoy your gratuitous Dragon Ball fight scenes, intense Super Saiyan transformations upon intense transformations and some Gogeta action, then you’ll enjoy this movie.

More info

Here are some handy links if you’re interested in the movie:

Some extra photos

The event organisers Nixco were kind enough to give us access to some photos to share with you. So please enjoy this brief gallery:

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