Virtual pet simulator Don-Ay: Pet Rescue set to debut on December 6

Don-Ay: Pet Rescue – an elegant mix of virtual pet simulation/endless runner gameplay; and real-life donations to a worthy cause; will soon be available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Don-Ay: Pet Rescue created by Italian developer Affinity Project, the game is the result of a close collaboration with well-known animal welfare organization Best Friends Animal Society. Their goal? To end the killing of animals in shelters around the United States.
In Don-Ay: Pet Rescue, every action – including watching an ad or purchasing in-game items/currency – generates a donation outside of the game. Soon, players all over the globe will be able to help homeless animals through Best Friends as they cuddle, feed, bathe and groom their virtual pets; Pegi the Dog and Silver the Cat also get to hop on a cloud and fly across a variety of picturesque Dream Worlds 🙂
Save them all


  • Effortlessly make in-game donations to help pets!
  • Play through several unique levels with distinct art styles.
  • Enjoy a high-quality orchestral soundtrack.
  • Keep playing with the help of a Rewind mechanic.
  • Relax with easy account switching and cloud saves.
  • Customize your pet’s appearance with a huge number of cosmetics!

Don-Ay: Pet Rescue will be available for FREE on iOS and Android Thursday, December 6. The game includes in-app purchases.