Destruction Nintendo Switch Review

Destruction for the Nintendo Switch is a port of a top down shooter mobile game developed by Rising Win Tech.
Destruction offers a familiar top down shooter format; up to four characters comprise a squad tasked with combating terrorists across the globe. The player must clear each missions objectives and utilize the strengths of each squad members.
Destruction for Nintendo Switch
Destruction provides a roster of ten unlockable characters with various skills, such as healing effects, sniper rifles and grenades. Additional customization is provided with weapon and armour unlocked via in game currency.
Destruction for Nintendo Switch
The enemy AI found within each mission is poor, with each enemy deploying the tried and true ‘run at you and shoot until death’ method.
The poor enemy AI renders any attempt to create a nuanced squad and equipment selection obsolete. I found myself clearing each level whilst also deploying a ‘run at them and shoot until they are dead’ regardless of what character or equipment I was using. There are also  very little visual or audible clues to tell the weaponry apart.
The more frustrating aspect however is the cheap sounding rock riffs that comprise of a ‘soundtrack’. I found myself taking a break quickly for no other reason than to stop listening to the music entirely.
Destruction for Nintendo Switch Review
Destructions biggest fault is its disconnected aesthetic and design. I grew up with top down shooters such as Chaos Engine, Loaded and Smash TV; titles dripping with personality. Destruction features a serious story line and witty dialogue, but is marred by the disconnected overall aesthetic. I would have preferred to see Destruction go further down one of either avenues; a darker, grittier game or a light hearted gib fest.
Whilst enjoyable in small doses, Destruction feels very much like a mobile game in terms of stature and implementation. Users familiar with classic top down shooters both young and old may feel underwhelmed at Destructions offerings.