Borderlands 3 reveals the Bloody Harvest

The first in a series of free events!

Have you already played through Borderlands 3 and are finding yourself already itching for more new content? Or, perhaps like me, not yet finished it because you’re too busy inspecting the back of every cereal box and the inside of every nook and/or cranny, but still want new content anyway?

The first of several events was revealed and detailed on The Borderlands Show, but for those who don’t want to look through the whole episode, let me summarise what you’re in for.

The Bloody Harvest is an entirely free event that will be open to everyone who’s left Pandora for the first time, and those particular Vault Hunters are going to start encountering some spooky goings-on. There will be new haunted enemies roaming around for you to shoot and are the key to unlocking the new spooky area. But, be careful, because ghosts can and will rise from the bodies of slain haunted enemies to give you a heck of a spoop.

And it’s not just the ‘I need my brown pants’ kind of scare, but rather, the new Terror debuff which will shroud your vision, as well as mess up your gun handling, accuracy, and spread. Though the other thing you’ll get from slaying these dastardly fiends is Hecktoplasm which can be turned into Maurice, a new spooky themed fella aboard Sanctuary III.

After meeting the requirements and gaining entry to the new area, the Bloody Harvest map, you’ll be bombarded by a bunch of Halloween themed enemies like the delightfully named Rakk-O-Lanterns. And if you make it through in one piece? You’ll face off against the Baron of the Bloody Harvest who happens to be a familiar face. Remember fighting Traunt? Imagine him, back again, but more… Skull-headed.

And don’t worry, lovers of aesthetics haven’t been forgotten either with unique skins for the characters, ECHO device skins, weapon trinkets, and even a fancy weapon skin! And on top of that, there are a few new pieces of loot to pick up while you’re at it exclusive to the Bloody Harvest event.

There’s no specific date as of yet for the Bloody Harvest event, but given Halloween is right around the corner, this event should be too.

Haven’t bought the game yet? Have a read of my review!

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