Blizzard Unleashes 2018 Plans for College Competition

To once again supercharge the Heroes of the Storm competitive scene, Blizzard has announced its plans for this year’s competition. Blizzard is again partnered with TESPA.
The competition will follow its usual format, with online qualifying throughout the USA and Canada leading into a final live event for all to see.

Details about the competition

Featuring over $500,000 in tuition and prizes up for grabs, the highly admired tournament is sure to once again revitalize the Heroes of the Storm community within the Americas. The biggest change we’ll see this year is the addition of regional play, as TESPA adds divisions in each major region for teams to compete to the top of the ladder to qualify for the National Championship Tournament.
Along with this change will be the addition of more broadcasted matches. The coverage will be extended beyond the National Championship into the Atlantic Coast Regional Division. For this division, TESPA and Blizzard have partnered with Raycom Sports to provide a weekly broadcast to cover matches.
Once again, the excitement has rolled around with signups closing February 5th, with players and teams all over the United States and Canada scrambling together to make 2018 their year.

Heroes of the Dorm… global?

Another year also goes by with no communication on any chance of extending the Heroes of the Dorm beyond the Americas. This begs the question if there is ever a plan to move the competition onto the global stage.
I for one think high school and tertiary competition is a total necessity to facilitate the growth. The only current avenue for competition in Oceania being the High School League. Hopefully, we can see competitions like the HSL extend beyond League of Legends. It’ll be good to bring the excitement of a competition like the Heroes of the Dorm to OCE.
Do you think there is space for a competition like Heroes of the Dorm in Oceania? If so, what game do you think would best fit our region?
You can check out the full announcement video for the Heroes of the Dorm here.