Better glasses for gamers? – EXYRA eyewear review

Ok… So this isn’t the usual type of review most of you would come to to read. But as someone that wears specs for every waking moment of my day the concept of glasses that look good, are well priced and have health benefits aside from improving vision was enough for me to agree to give the new EXYRA glasses a shot.

I’ll admit now that the initial email I got from their PR guy made some very bold claims that i was skeptical about such as:

” blocks high frequency blue light wavelengths between 400nm-500nm from entering the retina and damaging the delicate skin around the eyes”

But after reading more into them I actually thought that if they can actually do what they claim then this could be great for me! I have a screen in front of my face for most of the day. If I’m not at my PC during work then I am on my phone answering emails and replying to messages on the run, When I’m home I spend a couple of hours each night playing games or watching Netflix.

That is a lot of exposure to blue light which has scientifically been shown to have negative effects on our wellbeing. Computers, tablets, e-readers, smartphones and other electronic devices with visual displays all can cause tired eyes, digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome, a collection of problems, mostly eye- and vision-related. Symptoms include eyestrain, dry eyes, blurred vision, red or pink eyes, burning, light sensitivity, headaches and pain in the shoulders, neck and back and sleep issues.

I have myself suffered from a few of these issues such as the headaches, the broken sleep & blurred vision. So did these glasses help with that?

I have worn the EXYRA Florey frames for just over a month. I wanted to make sure that I had a decent amount of time in them to see if there was any genuine and noticeable difference in wearing them an I can 100% confirm that not only am I no longer getting the mild tension headaches I had become accustomed to around mid afternoon, But event after spending around 2-3 hours in front of my screen playing battle royales late at night I am getting drowsy and getting to sleep easier and earlier.

And they are stylish and comfortable!

The entire EXYRA range is built in Brisbane Australia and is the most lightweight pair of glasses I’ve owned! There is a style for everyone available and they do send them around the world.

If you are a gamer and need to wear glasses… and don’t want to look like an idiot in those yellow gamer glasses, I highly recommend checking out the range at


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