Kess announces Battle Bosses a multiplayer miniature Battle Arena game!

Battle Bosses is a competitive collectable battle game; where Bosses summon their minions and powerful effects; to become the baddest Boss in the multi-verse.

Battle Bosses has you controlling a gigantic Boss; utilizing dice to gain Energy and Crystal resources to unleash devastating moves; spawn Minions to send to battle, and play innovative cards; to gain tactical advantage specific to your Boss and Minions.

At the beginning of each game, both players combine and set up their tiles to create a single battlefield; put their boss in the starting space, and draw 5 cards from their deck. On their turn, each player rolls 4 dice which will give them energy and crystals; sometimes even triggering Overload, a critical hit that allows you to re-roll dice for extra bonuses. Energy must be spent the turn it is earned to utilize Boss abilities such as; movement, creating minions, and unleashing their ultimate move; as well as extra abilities earned by playing cards. Crystals, on the other hand; can be saved up or used right away towards cards; to unleash additional special moves and devastating effects. Loyal minions are collateral damage as the last Boss left standing wins.

Through our Kickstarter, the Battle Arena Tier boasts MOBA-inspired gameplay for 4 or 6 players; where bosses re-spawn when defeated and two teams compete to destroy the enemy base. Battle Arena mode introduces area control strategies; 3 separate lanes of attack, fog of war, neutral threats to defeat, pet monster minions that bosses can claim; new boss abilities across a lush map that depicts the different realms of Battle Bosses.

Battle Bosses

Key Points

  • Fierce 1v1 tournament Mode with intuitive and tactical gameplay mechanics
  • 3-6 Player battle royale variant available for exciting, extended multiplayer battles
  • 4 or 6 Player Arena Mode inspired by popular MOBA games
  • Highly detailed, collectable 70mm+ plastic Bosses and 30mm Minions
  • E-Sport and Tournament Play ready
  • 6 Collectable Bosses in starting roster (with more Bosses available to unlock in Kickstarter)
  • Original lore for each boss that leads players into each boss’s exciting, unique game play.

Battle Bosses is for 2-6 players, ages 14 and older and takes approximately 15-30 minutes per player per game. Each retail-friendly Battle Bosses box comes with 1 large collectable 70mm+ Boss Miniature; 8 highly detailed 30mm Minion miniatures; 1 Boss Card; 1 Minion Card; 28 Ability Cards; 9 Hex Tiles; 6 Custom Dice; and Tokens.

The Kickstarter Deluxe Box

Battle Bosses Box

The Kickstarter Deluxe Box comes with all 6 collectible 70mm+ Bosses; 48 highly detailed 30mm Minion miniature; 6 Boss Cards; 6 Minion Cards; 168 Ability Cards; 54 Hex Tiles; 36 Custom Dice; 1 Double-Sided Map Board (supports 3v3 and 2v2 Arena modes); full set of Neutral Camp Tiles and creatures; Tokens; and exciting unlocked stretch goals.

Kess Co launched its Kickstarter for Battle Bosses on August 14th, 2018 is currently live; offering exclusive pricing and content for backers and retailers worldwide.