Are the NZ Breakers NBL team the next sports team to enter esports?

The ANZ esports scene has seen some amazing growth since IEM Sydney in 2017. With non-gaming sponsors such as Maxibon, McDonald’s and Uncle Jack’s Watches jumping on board as org sponsors, new governing bodies being created. And, of course, the big change has been in traditional sports. Franchises such as the Adelaide Crows buying up or creating their own esports teams.
Today, we have come across what looks to be a new team in New Zealand calling themselves Breakaway Esports teasing an announcement on the 10th of August:

Investigating the NZ Breakers

We started our investigation by looking into the tweet on their social media. It includes a retweet of the NZ player @airbrn_ who is playing in LetsPlay.Live’s NBA 2K18 Championship.

This is where some speculation came in. With LP.L’s connection to NZ traditional sports and the name “Breakout”, I thought there may be a connection to the NZ NBL team, The Breakers.
Being a Kiwi, I contacted some friends who are close to the local scene. While nobody would go on the record, I did get this reply:

I guess we will have to wait for the official confirmation next week. But, all signs point to the next big esports team being owned by a traditional sports franchise being The NZ Breakers own team… Breakout Esports!
You can follow their socials here for updates: