2K Announces $500,000 Donation to The Leukaemia & Lymphoma Society

That's a lot of dollarydoos!

We all love a feel-good charity story. Mostly because we all love to see charities getting the help, money and attention they deserve. And it’s even better when video games are involved, because hey! Video games!

So today I’m absolutely delighted to bring you the news that 2K has announced they’re donating $500,000(USD) to the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Society, specifically in relation to WWE2K20 with the cover superstar Roman Reigns, who’s a leukaemia survivor himself! Though Reigns, WWE and 2K all working together, they’re dedicated to supporting LLS’ mission, which includes a brand new Children’s Initiative that’s dedicated to providing a comprehensive effort to take on paediatric cancer through support services, research and free education.

And I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a feel-good story about big wrestledudes helping out good causes?

The above Twitter message was put out to call others to support the cause too, with 2K dedicated themselves to donating for every retweet, up to $500k. And guess what! They got there! So that’s $500k US dollarydoos going straight to an amazing cause.

Chris Snyder, Vice President of Marketing for 2K, was thrilled:

“We are proud of the support our fans have shown to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. With their retweets and personal contributions, our partnership with this great patient advocacy organization enables us to give back in a meaningful way and help save lives.”

In addition to all that cash money, 2K is going the extra mile and providing copies of 2K published titles to blood cancer patients! Wow! Charity! Of course, this isn’t all, with WWE stars getting directly involved as well, with a previous event for LLS patients and their families getting the opportunity to get hands-on with WWE 2K20 prior to its release, as well as meeting the stars.

Louis J. DeGennaro, PhD and LLS President and Chief Executive Officer, was quick to show how grateful everyone at LLS is:

“I was honoured to be among the first to preview this exciting new WWE 2K offering and to personally thank 2K’s executives for their support for LLS. We are grateful to our partners at WWE and Roman Reigns for introducing us to 2K and their legions of fans, as we aim to create widespread awareness for our mission, and our significant investment in cutting-edge research to advance new treatments and cures for cancer patients, including children with cancer and their parents.”

So there’s your feel-good story for today!

Looking to donate? Donate at lls.org/donate2K!

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