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From the award winning podcast on all things social media web tech and gaming “HashtagME”, the extensive marketing and social media marketer Phid has a proven track record across the tech, gaming, education and food sectors working with top companies Xbox, Sony Playstation, Bethesda, EA, Ubisoft, Lenovo and Intel…just to name a few. Fostering magical ideas for social media channels, and creating large scale activations and advertising campaigns, Phid has worked in media and marketing for over 15 years making thoughts over a coffee transform into real life visions of lucrative substance.


Jack brings a wealth of creative experience in photography and Adobe Creative Suite. He uses both to create  awesome content for brands and the communities he serves.  

Jack is an avid gamer and sought-after influencer in his own right with large followings on YouTube and Twitch.  He understands what drives a highly-engaged social community – and delivers cut-through value to his clients.

Francesca is an experienced community manager and lifelong gamer with a passion for data, people, ideas and open discourse. She has experience in customer support and relationship management from her work in the online consumer review industry, and enjoys helping people connect through online and offline communities.

Francesca’s love for data is fuelled by her studies in neuroscience, having completed a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science and Honours research in music & neuroscience.

Her favourite games are RPGs, MMORPGs, and Age of Empires.


Jordan Schoefield - Marketing Specialist

Jordan is a creative thinker and exhibits a strong entrepreneurial passion for his personal businesses. He is recognised for his drive, determination and a willingness to intelligently challenge the status quo.

Jordan is a marketer by day and an avid console gamer by night. In his off time, he enjoys sitting down playing long hauled NBA2K tournaments. When coordinating a party of 5+ players Jordan will grind Destiny into the early hours of the morning.

Jeff is responsible for running the social media and making coffee for Jack, Phid and Fran.

He has never played video games but is a likable guy so we keep him around. Jeff has a reputaion for being very polite on social media and has a legion of supporters #TeamJeff


Derek / DezMaggs: Board Game & Tech Reviewer / Podcast Host of Rapid Reviews on the Boomer Radio Network / Content Writer for & Everything Boardgames (US Site) / Assistant Producer of Creaytor Series on YouTube / Coffee & Hug Addict
‘Grace Hester / Catlord: Grace loves all things gaming and when not actually playing games, is probably writing about games or reading about games. Loves games of all genres and revels in the obscure. Only stops playing games to appreciate cats.
Derek / DezMaggs: Ross McDougall aka ‘Expazz’ is a New Zealand based gamer, musician and digital marketer. Ross plays guitar in NZ Music Award Nominees ‘Saving Grace’ and can be found on stage when not glued to a console or PC!
Will Dube / Huuu:  Enthusiast for all things gaming. Currently runs a Realm of the Mad God YouTube channel and streams occasionally on twitch. Spends way too much time playing Bullet-Hell’s and MOBA’s. Attempts to play VGC Pokemon competitively in hopes of a nice shiny Pikachu trophy!
Olivia Harris : Olivia has been writing gaming content for the past five years and is an avid fan of Australian games. Whether it is esports or some obscure indie game Olivia is always keen to discuss games with anyone. With a knack for art, social media, tech support, theatre production and writing Olivia uses her abilities to create content and boost the community in any way she can. Her favourite games are JRPGs, Pokemon and Overwatch.
Nate Bramley: Presenter, writer and teacher, Nate’s curiosity of science and love for geek culture combine in his writing to educate and entertain! 
Caity / Mystic: Mystic loves esports & has been  involved in competitive Call of Duty for roughly six years. She is well known in the ANZ COD community, but is branching out to Overwatch and CSGO. She is always eager to learn more about teams and competitive games. In her spare time, she streams, mods channels on twitch and plays all sorts of games ranging from FPS to The Sims.  Caity has a goal to work in Community Services as a Youth Worker- focussing on Aboriginal Children. 


Al Caynes / Cheshire: Cheshire loves to indulge in Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, Eternal, boardgames and FAR too much PUBG. Twitch Affiliate, YouTuber, Commander: the Gathering Co-host and Creator and head Honcho at AUStream.
Tom Featonby / Tom_NZ :Tom is a Kiwi gamer and community host who likes to dabble in a spot of writing from time to time. Being a Master of Science (Chemistry) is a tough job so Tom likes to unwind by killing aliens in copious quantities (Destiny) and getting stressed out playing multiplayer games like PUBG and NBA 2K. Gaming is life for Tom and he loves sharing that passion with others through the videogame club he runs (Waikato United Gaming Society), his writing and with the Twitterverse (@Tom_nz).
Dhayana Senna / Miss Deus Geek : Dhayana is a pop culture, gaming and entertainment enthusiast with a background in technology PR and Social Media Management. By day she works as a freelance copywriter and social media content creator, along with working part-time teaching children about how to be safe on social media and playing games online. By night, she writes, creates content and streams games for her own brand, Attack On Geek. In her own words, Dhayana “plays games badly and lives and breathes social media”.
Freddie Tresidder / sheepOCE : Sheep is all about esports and has no idea what life is like without it, having been involved since he started high school in 2011. He’d like to think he’s well known in the general esports scene, specifically for his work with New Zealand powerhouse Let’s Play Live, and is excited to be able to cover one of the most exciting Australasian communities. He now spends his time wiping on World of Warcraft bosses, and losing Overwatch games.