Seven Network takes a crack at esports, partnering with LetsPlay.Live

It’s not the first time the Seven Network has had a crack at gaming/esports television, though, the less said about that the better. However, deciding to take another go, and this time going to the experts in the ANZ field, LetsPlay.Live, 7mate is set to air an entire season’s worth of esports content straight to […]

Interview with Duane Mutu – Co-Founder and Director of LetsPlay.Live!

I had the pleasure of attending the NRL x LPL Fortnite Finals. At the event, I had the opportunity of interviewing the man who made it possible, Duane Mutu! The interview has been edited for clarity GTG: I’m Will with and I’m here with the Director and Co-founder of LetsPlay.Live, Duane Mutu! Duane: It’s […]