Tinderbox Tales – The Trader’s Tale Kickstarter Preview (Part 3 of 3)

The Trader’s Tale begins with discount sales across Tinderbox, the original Ruby Twosday was so named after a famous quest commissioned by King Puwbert 25 years ago to rescue his daughter, the Princess Ruby, from the dread Dragon Verxighares. Seeking the favour of the crown the Wizards of Tinderbox raced to hire and equip adventuring […]

Tinderbox Tales – The Barmaid’s Tale Kickstarter Preview (Part 2 of 3)

The Barmaid’s Tale was first played in the Ratcatcher’s Rest, one of Tinderbox’s more colourful establishments, and is known to the locals as “Pass the Buck” It is a simple 10-minute social strategy game for 4-6 players. Pass the Buck only takes a minute to set up and explain. It is fun and fast with plenty of […]

Tinderbox Tales – The Damsel’s Tale Kickstarter Preview (Part 1 of 3)

Damsel etiquette will tell you that although you can never really trust a knight to save you properly, as long as your dragon needs feeding you should let them have a go. Welcome to the Damsel’s Tale…. Set Up GamePlay                                           Start of the Round To start The Damsel’s Tale, each player takes all of their […]