As recognized leaders in the gaming influencer space we will continue to support brands through our roster of amazing influencers.



Our influencers come from all walks of life, have their own unique voices and have reach on multiple platform including:

  • 50+ influencers w/ 53mil total reach
  • Twitch: 4mil + total engaged followers
  • YouTube: 5mil + Total engaged Subscribers
  • Twitter: 2mil + Followers
  • Plus Snapchat, Mixer (previously Beam), Instagram & Facebook
  • Plus esports Teams & other content streams

“It has been an absolute blast & a real pleasure working alongside Phid & the GoTo.Game team this past year + more!

When I first spoke to them, I was really enticed by the “family” orientation which made me feel like I was going to be in good hands & well looked after.

My interests have been met (& then some!!) either then when being provided products or during the multiple times they signed me to fly overseas for gaming events.

They have really gone above & beyond for not just me, but all of their influencers. Stay passionate!”

LoriiPops (Lorien Gugich)

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