In this How-To on Facebook Gaming, we will talk through the various parts of the Insights tab within Creator Studio, giving you greater power over your content and a deeper understanding of your audience.


This section is the starting point for understanding your audience and your performance on Facebook Gaming. This is split into two overall sections:

Let’s look at these in more depth below.

Overview allows you to get general statistics about your content and audience from a selected time period. Use the dropdown as shown below to select a date range – it can be as small as today’s statistics, or even be for this quarter.

This will give you total numbers in this period, as well as the graph below that shows the difference per day in the period. Use this to understand how your content is performing – did you have a video or live stream on a day that resulted in a massive upswing in reach? How has the engagement been this period compared to last? Match these numbers with your active uploads to understand how your audience reacts to your content!


The Audience tab gives you massive insights into your audience and the content that they like – not just from you, but on Facebook in general! These metrics are split into 5 categories: Engaged viewers, 1-minute viewers, New followers, Total followers and Fan subscriptions. It is important to understand what each of these audiences means for your content, so a simple guide is like this:

Beyond the demographics, there are further insights, such as the Countries your audience live in, the Language of your audience and even other videos that your audience are watching on the platform! Below is an example of what this information can look like, use it to understand the sort of content that your audience watches across Facebook and think of how your content matches with that: do you have similar themes or interests?

Understanding your audience is important so you can decide whether your next content piece is going to resonate with them, and come up with ideas for future content.


The videos tab is broken down into five sections:

Let’s unpack each of these sections as they all offer great insight!


Performance allows you to see more stats that are similar to your Overview. Compare your video views, your engagement and the net followers in the time period. Again, click the drop down if you want to change the period you are comparing.

Underneath the graph is a list of your Top videos and Top Pages – if you have more than one Page this can be useful to see which are performing better.

Look at your Top videos and think about the content that was in them – were they engaging in the first 10 seconds that a viewer saw? Did that excitement flow through the rest of the content? Be creative and think about the content you are making.


Perhaps the most interesting and powerful tool for comparing your performance is the Benchmarking tab. Benchmarking compares your Page performance with other Pages in the same category as you, for example Gaming & Video Creators for those on Facebook Gaming.

Use this section to compare your engagement with other Pages in your category, and get a snapshot of ways you could improve your content. Are your shares low? Encourage your viewers to share your content with their friends on Messenger! Reactions a little low? Teach your viewers how to use reactions when funny moments happen in your livestreams.

Use the Comparison Tools to compare your content according to the metric you selected above and understand which videos or live streams are doing best in those categories. 


Your follower activity is important to track as it gives you an overview as to how your Page is growing and performing – if you are gaining new followers each month and they are watching more of your content, then you are growing

Returning viewers is vital, as you want new followers to watch your content, enjoy it and come back for more next week. This will help you understand if your content is interesting to your audience week after week – if it isn’t hitting the mark, your audience won’t be coming back this week!


Returning viewers is one thing, but understanding where your audience comes from and in turn your views is another! This is broken into three categories; Recommendations are Facebook pushing your content to new audiences, Followers are those already following your content, and Shares are your Followers pushing your content to their friends. Ideally, you want this to be a nice spread of all three – your Followers returning to watch your content, Facebook recommending your content because of its quality and engagement, and your audience Sharing your content to larger audiences and endorsing you as well!

New views are important for growth, but the next section in Retention explains how long these viewers are watching for. This graph will likely always look similar to the above, getting smaller as the level of engagement increases. The more of your audience you can get from left to right, the more engaged your audience is! Think about your content and ways that you engage viewers to stay for the full 1-minute views. The more of your viewers you can get to stay and engage, the more the platform will recommend your content to others!


Spend some time understanding your earnings as this will show you which pieces of content are performing well and also earning you revenue! If particular styles of video are getting high watch time, and also retaining viewers through Ad breaks, perhaps you should make more of that content!


Using Stories to reach your audience is a great way to give them daily behind the scenes content, such as setting up for going live or even something as simple as your breakfast or latest hair appointment. This section gives insights on Stories specifically – how many Unique opens they have, how many Engagements your Stories achieved compared to how many Stories you published. 

Use Stories to advertise when your content is going to be live, interact with your audience and drive further engagement and click-through to your content.

Instant Articles

We will cover these in another How-To, but the important thing to note is that they are a powerful tool for any creator looking to have blog posts alongside their other content!