We all have something in our life that drives us, for our latest Facebook Gaming partner, the charming SolitaireTV, a childhood immersed in creativity led to a career of content; “I grew up in several places, from small-town NZ to South Auckland to Whanganui. My parents and their amazing artistic endeavours shaped me. My mum is a world-famous painter and arts lecturer, and my dad toured the country teaching and performing poetry. They taught me that the more you learn the more you get ahead in life, on a spiritual level and well-being level.”

Streaming content was not the beginning of Solitaire’s journey, but he brings experience from a multitude of fields; “Been creating content all my life, from mock-radio tapes as a kid to working on radio when I was 15, to television, to winning awards for writing theatre and acting and directing, to YouTube/Facebook/Twitter/TikTok. I started streaming and making video content in 2016 with a vengeance, though.

Aside from the classics, Solitaire has a soft spot for flight sims. We’re on your six, Red leader!

As a creative, Solitaire’s career highlights extend beyond what happens on stream and throughout his experience with gaming; “Some favourite moments include the Monkey Island Sword/Insult Fights. The one time I actually pulled the character I wanted in Dragonball Z, Dokkan Battle. The first time I built a PC and everything worked for streaming. And also… the first time my dad bought me a ZX Spectrum coding magazine, and I started making games. My first game I made was called ‘Spider and the Fly’. Also being flown to Ubisoft Australia offices in Sydney. Meeting people at PAX Australia. Raising money with the help of the team from goto.game, for the victims of the mosque attacks in Christchurch.

After 5 years of creating content, Solitaire is excited as can be for an exciting new opportunity with Facebook Gaming; “The age of the average gamer is getting older, and I am looking forward to meeting new folks who are of the same mindset and maturity. This will be a good place to start new stories and meet new people. Also… coming in on the ground floor running is something I’ve always loved. It means that there will be a place where I can put my current audience first, and grow with a new audience. Things will be different from the content I’ve done before, and my story-telling will come to the forefront. I can’t wait to share those stories.”

The reason we love Solitaire, aside from everything, is that he’s unafraid to do it differently.

Solitaire is also doing the good work of promoting a healthy relationship between creators and their audiences; “I’m laid-back, a typical Kiwi with a sense of humour and a radio voice. My approach to community is this.. listen as best you can, because if people say hi, then they deserve a hi back. It takes a lot for people to reach out for the first time to anyone online – as creators I believe we have to respect that. Saying “Hi” has always been my philosophy.”

Solitaire will be uploading Microsoft Flight Simulator content in a series where he will take you around the world, one landmark at a time. New videos every Tuesday and Thursday as well as streaming every Sunday. Check him out on Facebook Gaming, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.