SoleKEFS is a positive soul,  born in New Zealand and now living in Queensland, a beautiful human who creates great content and is one of’s most recent Facebook Gaming Partners. SoleKEFS embraces his personal charm, channelling life experiences into his content; “Family, Tradition and Culture have shaped who I am today. I try to incorporate my Polynesian heritage as much as I can with the content I put out on the internet!”.

Sole had humble beginnings as a creator, from the inspiration to the ideation of his content; “Admiring other content creators and streamers’ ability to not only have fun while playing video games, but creating and being a part of their own communities that they created was something that I thought was really cool, and something I wanted to check out! So much has changed since then, my PC was so bad that if I ran anything more than OBS and Fortnite, everything would lag. I had to monitor the chat on my phone!

That’s a splendid setup sir. Certainly better than having your chat on your phone!

Since then, SoleKEFS has moved through several games, leaving his mark on their communities as a recognisable face and a community leader; “I’m currently a few years deep in GTA V RP, and have grown to enjoy the ability to express my creativity through it. Being able to interact with others and create content has been a blast to do through FiveM. Fortnite will also always be a game I’ll love. It was the main game that I would play when I first started streaming! I used to host a lot of Custom matchmaking games, which ended up hosting tournaments in the community. I loved the interaction with the community, everyone together enjoying something we all had in common”.

And of course, like any career, SoleKEFS has had some all-time highs in his time on and off-stream; “I remember one time my chat mods made a thank you video for me, they did a bit of digging and found a lot of old friends and people I consider family to be in the video, it was one of the only times I’ve cried on stream. Other than that, memorable moments would include joining Mindfreak esports, going to PAX and meeting more people from stream, as well as attending other events like MEO and AO!”

Dear live events, we miss you dearly. We wanna see SoleKEFS strut his stuff in person!!

SoleKEFS is excited to be moving his community across to Facebook Gaming; “It wasn’t an easy decision to make, as the biggest thing with me is the community that had been built. After a bit of counselling with family and close friends, I saw this as an opportunity to give more to the community as well as help my family. Some people also don’t know that I originally started streaming on Facebook, way before there was any proper structure. I truly believe that there is an awesome opportunity to grow and be great on FB Gaming. I’m really keen to put in the work and share what content I can create with the community there!”.

You can tune in to SoleKEFS and bask in the light of his positive vibes regularly from 7/8pm AEST, now streaming exclusively on Facebook Gaming, hit him up on Twitter or Instagram and check out his Tik Tok realsolekefs.