Editorial Policy

Editorial policy for writers and contributors to goto.game

Updated 10 January 2018

Guidance and direction

  1. Goto.game must create for itself a unique market position. The principals of goto.game know the industry as well as (better than) almost anyone, and we seek to work with independent content creators who also have these insights into, and passion and enthusiasm for, all things gaming. Providing insider insight must be the fundamental foundation for all content.
  2. Original content: the default for content for goto.game is to write original content. Get your source information, consider your position, re-write in your own words.
  3. Always start from a position of adding original and new insights to all content. Examples include:
    1. the writer’s opinion on the topic
    2. the writer’s experience (ensure this is actual experience – do not claim an experience you’ve not had)
    3. the writer’s opinion about something that has happened and why it’s good or bad
  4. Opinions are just that – your individual perspective on one aspect of the gaming world. Express it as such (“My view is that…”) – do not claim it as absolute truth.
  5. Always use data if data is available.
  6. If facts are scarce, or if you have your doubts, use caveats to set what you are writing in context.
  7. Language and tone: be positive and supportive. This does not mean you can’t say you don’t like something, but you need to use language that is respectful, and you need data to support any claim you make, especially when negative.
  8. Creating curated content, using press releases:
    1. We support using company media releases as sources of information, quotes in particular
    2. Never simply cut and paste, or top and tail, a media release. Always add context per these guidelines:
      1. Always cite your source.
      2. Always use phrases such as:
        • “according to the company’s press material…” or “…here’s what the company says about its new product…”
      3. always be very clear about where your words end and their words start
    3. do not cut and paste paragraphs into your own body copy without attribution
  9. The point about content on goto.game is that it should be:
    1. interesting
    2. unique
    3. entertaining
    4. trusted
    5. of sufficient quality that viewers and readers want to return to the web site
  10. Plagiarism: do not misrepresent others’ original content as your own.


  1. If you have a relationship or an agreement to contribute content to goto.game, use our guidelines and work to the agreement you have with us. Liaise with your goto.game contact.
  2. If you are new to goto.game, or are interested in contributing to goto.game, please contact us for a chat at hello@goto.game.
  3. Contact will be submitted to goto.game and reviewed for publication. Content that follows these guidelines will be published. Content will be published by our editors.
  4. Content may be sub-edited for style and space by goto.game.
  5. We welcome discussion about style and content – talk to us.
  6. Resolution: we will always aim to resolve disputes about content amicably and collaboratively. Should any dispute be escalated, goto.game reserves the right to confer with senior business and editorial colleagues. Any editorial decision by goto.game is final.
  7. If you receive negative (or even aggressive) comments about your article (including personally via direct-message channels) do not engage, and do not enter into an online argument. Instead, contact goto.game and we will help, advise and support you.
  8. These are guidelines: if in doubt, talk to us first.