Better glasses for gamers? – EXYRA eyewear review

Ok… So this isn’t the usual type of review most of you would come to to read. But as someone that wears specs for every waking moment of my day the concept of glasses that look good, are well priced and have health benefits aside from improving vision was enough for me to agree […]

Audeze Mobius – Gaming headset review

It’s not often I am sent a product to review that I end up really wanting to keep, Audeze’s new gaming focused headset the Mobius is one of those! Out of the box I was instantly taken back by the smart fashionable design of these headphone. They don’t look like a gaming headset, rather a […]

Lucid Sound LS35x Review: Not perfect but bloody close!

A few days ago, I got sent a pair of Lucid Sound LS35x’s from Bluemouth Interactive and rarely am I this impressed with a pair of headphones, while they’re not perfect (nothing is in my opinion) they are bloody close! I couldn’t wait to get home to rip these bad boys open. Neatly packaged in […]

Turtle Beach Elite Pro – Review

As far as headsets go, I have never been a fan of Turtle Beach gear. It has never quite lived up to my expectations compared to how much I have paid for them. However, This has changed since trying the Elite Pro Headset kindly sent to us by Turtle Beach and SYF Gaming.