RotMG Exalt is here!

Finally! After months and months of waiting, DECA has blessed us with the RotMG Exalt/Unity supporter beta! And people are not too happy with some aspects of the new relaunch of the game… Many players have already pointed out the definitely new, but maybe not improved recolouring of the fame, hp and mp bars as well […]

The Minecraft Cave Sound/Crash Theory

Minecraft isn’t all fun… I’m telling you, it’s terrifying and this ‘Cave/Crash theory’ just adds to it.If you have ever been mining for an extended period of time with ambient sounds on, there is a good chance that you have jumped out of your chair due to the music that plays. I have had nightmares on […]

Obscure Pixels – Kusoge

Humankind has, for a long time, found a sort of endearing quality about things that are kind of awful. It’s the reason cult classic films exist, it’s the reason we put goofy kids drawings on the fridge, it’s not absolutely perfect but it’s still very endearing and warms our heart. Or it’s just absolutely hilarious […]

Competitive COD moves to PC

The Call of Duty League will officially be transitioning to PC and controller gameplay from the start of the 2021 season, Activision has confirmed, after a decade of professional Call of Duty being a console-only esport. The professional Call of Duty scene will no longer be a console only esport from 2021 onward, all official […]

Watch Dogs Legion: Revisited

I wouldn’t blame you if you forgot that Watch Dogs Legion, the third title in the acclaimed Ubisoft series, had launched in October of 2020. It was met with positive reviews but received little ongoing attention post-launch. I played a solid few hours of the game and even published an initial review, but with the […]

Xbox gets icy with new King Ice collab!

Xbox has partnered with LA-based jewellery company King Ice, famous for their work with PlayStation (you would have seen our own boss-man wearing this gear at events!), Snoop Dogg, Death Row Records and Nickelodeon to release a full range of official Xbox pendants, rings and bracelets. The jewellery was made in 3D design, honing in […]

Xbox reveals which optimised games will be available to play on Next Gen launch day

Xbox Wire has revealed the launch day lineup for the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. Technically the list is in the thousands thanks to Xbox’s long-running commitment to backwards compatibility, but 30 games will be optimised for Next-Gen performance from launch. These games include the Next-Gen era titles of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, […]

Microsoft acquires Bethesda for a cool $7.5 billion

In an absolutely wild announcement overnight, Microsoft have made the announcement that they’ve acquired ZeniMax Media, Bethesda’s parent company, for a cheeky little $7.5 billion US dollarydoos, which is three times what was paid for Mojang and Minecraft at $2.5 billion, ahead of preorders for the Xbox Series S and X. The deal is expected […]

Missing: Dying Light 2

During the Microsoft show at E3 2018, a very exciting announcement was made. A sequel to the beloved 2014 Open World zombie game Dying Light, made by Techland studios. It was planned to be released in ‘Spring 2020’. I was watching the Livestream, I think it was around 6 am in Sydney, and I was […]