Update Stream Title While Live on Facebook Gaming

Not every livestream can go according to plan! Sometimes you may need to switch your details and reconfigure to a new game or re-brand your stream. It can be stressful to make a change while already live with an active audience but rest assured it’s a very simple process. How to locate stream details while […]

How to create Chat Commands on Facebook Gaming

How to create Chat Commands on Facebook Gaming

Live streaming can get overwhelming, with a lot happening in-game and in chat you might need the helping hand of a chat command! Chat commands allow for a quick response to questions from your viewers and are a tool that can be used by the viewers, your moderators or even yourself. In order to enable […]

How to use Creator Studio to your advantage

What is Creator Studio? Facebook’s Creator Studio is a platform built to help creators centralise their content on Facebook and Instagram with the power to do this across multiple managed Pages. As a Facebook Gaming creator, you’ll need to be familiar with the Creator Studio in order to make use of its powerful tools, so […]

How to Upload Stickers to Facebook Gaming

How do we give a community a voice, something they can connect around? A simple start to building a loyal and engaged audience is Stickers! Stickers are an excellent tool for Facebook creators to incentivize your viewers to become official supporters of the channel and engage with your content on a deeper level What are […]

How to Upload Videos on Facebook Gaming

Much of the gaming content we see today is live-streamed, but that is by no means the only way we can create quality content. Pre-recorded and edited video content (Video on Demand, or VOD for short) is just as popular a medium for creators who are looking to share their content. Youtube is a fantastic […]

How to Go Live on Facebook Gaming

So, you’ve come to Facebook Gaming, maybe in search of a new audience or to try something different.  Maybe you’re just curious about the platform, or just getting started with streaming as a whole. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Facebook Gaming is the perfect platform for modern, accessible streaming, for veteran creators […]