Facebook Creator Spotlight – SolitaireNZ

We all have something in our life that drives us, for our latest Facebook Gaming partner, the charming SolitaireTV, a childhood immersed in creativity led to a career of content; “I grew up in several places, from small-town NZ to South Auckland to Whanganui. My parents and their amazing artistic endeavours shaped me. My mum […]

Facebook Creator Spotlight – Yabai Senpai

Yabai Senpai, also known as MikPwn, is next in our growing roster of amazing creators for Facebook Gaming. Yabai is a Sydney born gamer with a special passion for Anime and retro games; “I grew up in Northern Sydney and have always had a huge passion for Gaming, Anime and Music. Throughout my life, I’ve […]

Facebook Creator Spotlight – DynastyXL

DynastyXL, among the newest partners of Facebook Gaming, is a name well known among the Australian Warzone community. A true-blue Aussie to his core; “I grew up moving around Australia a lot as my dad worked for national rail, I lived in remote communities like Cook which is on the Nullabor and Rawlinna which is […]

Facebook Creator Spotlight – SoleKEFS

SoleKEFS is a positive soul,  born in New Zealand and now living in Queensland, a beautiful human who creates great content and is one of goto.game’s most recent Facebook Gaming Partners. SoleKEFS embraces his personal charm, channelling life experiences into his content; “Family, Tradition and Culture have shaped who I am today. I try to […]

Facebook Creator Spotlight – FleXGamingAU

The field of combat is where many gamers earn their stripes, battlefields such as Verdansk (Call of Duty: Warzone), The Island (Fortnite) and Kings Canyon (Apex Legends) have given many competitive FPS players a chance to prove themselves and make a name in the content world. Among those bold warriors is the legend FleXGamingAU, the […]

Facebook Creator Spotlight – Liessshy

Who doesn’t love a good unboxing video? Sometimes we get so excited for a game we really want to splurge and buy the most expensive edition we can, showing some love for the developers and the game. Most of the time these collectors editions are priced so high it makes your wallet hurt just hovering […]

Facebook Creator Spotlight – JackHuddo

There are varying levels of Australian, some are full Crocodile Dundee and some are basically British.  Leaning towards the Dundee end of the spectrum is a superstar creator named Jack Huddo. Jack is the lovable larrikin of gaming and one of the earliest content creators in the Australian live streaming industry. Now nearing 10 years […]