Facebook Gaming – MitchiiJohn

In this Creator Spotlight, we talk to MitchiiJohn, our latest Facebook Gaming Partner. The Journey So Far Born in Sydney, now based in Adelaide, MitchiiJohn played some games growing up. It wasn’t until he received an Xbox 360 as a graduation gift that his obsession with video games really began. “Starting with Call of Duty […]

Facebook Gaming – Oxxide

In this Creator Spotlight, we talk to Oxxide, our latest  Facebook Gaming Partner. The Journey So Far Originally from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, Oxxide finished his studies in Queensland before moving to North Brisbane. He is a father of two beautiful girls and manages an I.T Support Company full-time. “Generally I’m a quiet […]

Facebook Gaming – SumHairyDad

In this Creator Spotlight, we talk to Mick ‘Sumhairydad’ Gill. The Journey So Far Originally from Victoria, Sumhairydad is the first Northern Territory creator to partner with Facebook Gaming through goto.game. When asked how he would describe his personality Mick responded, “Always want to be the best at anything I do. Easy going, always keen […]

Facebook Gaming – Bevan Gibson

Bevan Gibson (GibsonGaming) is relatively new to gaming and content creation, but “absolutely loves it”. Born and raised in New Zealand, Bevan is your typical average Kiwi bloke.  “Growing up, I had a relatively modest upbringing, I was working from a young age as it was something I enjoyed doing. In anything I do, I […]

Creator Analysis – JackHuddo

In this Creator Spotlight, we have a chat with JackHuddo to showcase his 3-month growth and transition to Facebook Gaming.   “I have been looking at Facebook Gaming and watching creators stream and upload to the platform for years. A lot of the GTA RP crew I watch are slowly moving across and I saw the […]

Facebook Gaming – Lucky Chappy

Dylan ‘Lucky Chappy’ Chapman grew up in Newcastle, Australia and spent seven years in the Army as a Heavy Diesel Mechanic. “I left and am now a qualified trade instructor who can teach the trade. I am currently studying a Diploma of Youth Work to hopefully go into becoming a Case Manager in the social […]

Facebook Gaming – Sydney Gaming

With a brand based on the city of his youth, Tony launched Sydney Gaming in February of 2021 as a way to connect during the pandemic; “Initially started streaming to friends and family, showing them wherever they wanted to go in the world in [Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020]. I continued to stream my flights (often […]

Facebook Gaming – KingKitten

Born and raised on the Gold Coast, KingKitten started creating content in 2019 when he got access to internet speeds capable of upload: “Mid 2019 I moved further into Brisbane City and have since become engulfed in the rich city living lifestyle – however I don’t shy away from a casual beach trip!” The Journey […]

Facebook Gaming – Moltrosity

With a passion for all things techy, nerdy and filled with pop-culture, Moltrosity entered the content creation space thanks to a friend: “I started making content based on a recommendation from a good high school mate back in 2017 over on Twitch.” The Journey So Far This start in content creation was also fuelled by […]

Facebook Gaming – AttackOnGeek

Dhayana and Tom were born and raised in two different parts of the world; Dhayana was born in Malaysia, Tom in England. They have spent the majority of their lives in New Zealand, a mixture of cultures that has shaped them and their content. “Being exposed to different cultures and ways of life, while also […]