Detective Pikachu: I’m too old for this s**t

It’s fair to say I had high hopes for Detective Pikachu. The AAA Game Industry seems intent on chasing trends.…

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THE DAILY RECAP – 12/2/2018

Don’t have enough time to read all of the daily gaming news? Jack Huddo breaks it down every day for…

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Your Pokemon Oceania Internationals Run Down!

Many hard battles were fought out today in the world of Pokemon, with the Pokemon Oceania Internationals being held in…

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The Western Release of Detective Pikachu is March 2018!

Detective Pikachu is the Pokémon game every adventure game fan has been waiting for! Playing as Tim Goodman, you partner…

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Pokemon GO lives on with new update!

Something Exciting is Coming on the 20th of January!

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Your intro to competitive Pokémon tournaments

Competitive Pokémon is an interesting and unique way of enjoying and playing Pokémon. If you don’t know much about them,…

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Harry Potter AR mobile bringing spells to your phone!

My dad’s a muggle, my mum’s a witch, bit of a shock when we found out THAT NIANTIC ARE BRINGING…

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